Crispy Fry Garlic 238g
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Crispy Fry Garlic Flavor 238g


CRISPY FRY® is the #1 breading mix brand in the market.  Made from choice flours and starches perfectly blended with seasonings to provide crispy and delicious fried dishes.

Available in three flavors: Original, Garlic and Spicy. Also has a variant with a pack of Gravy Mix, perfect partner to your fried chicken.

Our Story

IMG_9587In 1984, Apo Products Ltd. was founded to provide the expatriate Filipino community with the tastes from home that they longed for. As recent Philippine emigres ourselves, we noticed that supply was inconsistent and lacking in variety – and most importantly, products were very expensive.

Through the years, we have built solid partnerships with suppliers in the Philippines as well as local Canadian retail stores. In fact, we are the pioneer in bringing Filipino food to mainstream chain stores in the 1980’s. With strategically located offices in Toronto and Vancouver, we service clients on a daily/weekly basis with the use of an advanced electronic order picking and inventory tracking system to manage the efficient movement of goods.

Today, we remain a family-owned and operated company and continue with the initial mandate with which our company was built – to bring authentic tastes to immigrant and mainstream Canadian communities from coast-to-coast. As the leading importer of Filipino food in Canada, we do this with integrity, consistency, and commitment to accessible prices for everyone. Mabuhay!

Why partner with APO & Uno?

APO Products Ltd./Uno Foods Inc. is the leading importer and distributor of Filipino in Canada. From long-established brands to exciting new innovations, we constantly source and develop new products to satisfy growing market demands. With over 1000+ items, we hold distribution rights to the top food brands from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, Taiwan, and more.

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